Case Study


Boosting Organic Traffic in Just 13 Hours of Optimization


As breeders of purebred Sheep and Rams since 2013, their farm, located in L’Assomption in Lanaudière, offers high-quality products, free from hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics. 

In 2022, they expanded their operations to include the breeding of Boer Goats and registered purebred Bucks while also offering popular Bagged Soups, deliverable across Quebec. This diversification presented a significant opportunity for them, but they realized that their initial website lacked the necessary SEO optimizations to reach their target audience with these new products. Through our expertise in organic search engine optimization and a methodical approach, we enabled Isabelle and Jocelyn Urbain to achieve remarkable results, demonstrating that even with a modest budget, SEO can play an essential role in the growth and success of an online business.

Results in Numbers:

A Strategic Deployment

Challenge Faced in the Project

The challenge we encountered in this project was the limited time available to make the necessary optimizations. With only 13 hours, in addition to our work on the contact form, every minute counted. Despite this time constraint, our targeted SEO strategy and expertise delivered exceptional results, showcasing the power of a precise and strategic approach even under limited resource conditions.

Strategies Implemented by Bridge Media

  1. Prioritizing essential tasks to maximize the impact of our efforts.

  2. Optimizing metadata to ensure they are informative and appealing to search engines.

  3. Identifying and addressing critical technical errors to improve site security and navigation, ensuring an optimal user experience.

  4. Rethinking the contact form to make it more user-friendly, resulting in an increased flow of qualified leads.

These strategic approaches led to significant improvements in visibility, traffic, and user engagement on the website, all while adhering to our client’s budget constraints.

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