Case Studies


276% return on investment with Google Advertising


Beonebreed is a manufacturer of products for dogs and cats in Quebec. The company shares an exclusive sales network with Mondou in the province. In order to increase its sales, Beonebreed wishes to expand its network in English Canada by selling directly to consumers.

Bridge Media proposed to work on the company’s visibility on social networks and on Google Ads (Shopping and Search Network) starting with targeted regions in Ontario.

In its first year, Beonebreed saw a significant increase in sales and established its presence in the targeted regions. The company now wants to use this leverage to establish itself in Ontario and expand the focus to other regions of Canada.

Results in numbers

It's a pleasure to work with the Bridge Media team!

A professional team that listens to our needs. We have been well advised and our results are constantly improving.
Jessica Boivin
Marketing Director at Beonebreed

A strategic deployment

Mandate Challenge:

- Increase sales volume in English Canada

Strategies deployed by Bridge Media:

- Design Google Ads campaigns on the Search Network
- Design Google Ads campaigns on the Shopping Network
- Improve and optimize campaign performance
- Track conversions
- Make one-time offers and sales

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