Case study

Les Entretiens Lavoie

Booking the Season in No Time with a New Website and High-Performing Google Ads


Les Entretiens Lavoie is a family-owned business in Lanaudière with nearly 20 years of experience in sod installation and landscaping. They stand out with their team of qualified experts, a selection of eco-friendly materials, and innovative techniques. These passionate individuals have managed to grow their business significantly since their beginnings.

However, due to the current economic situation and intense competition, Les Entretiens Lavoie was concerned about finding clients for their summer season in 2023. This situation is common this year for many seasonal businesses.


Les Entretiens Lavoie turned to Bridge Media to enhance their digital marketing and book their season. We are proud to say that we answered this call successfully.

As experts, we carefully identified the most opportune period for their marketing investments and guided them throughout this process. Leveraging our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), website optimization, and Google advertising, the world’s most used search engine, we provided Les Entretiens Lavoie with undeniable visibility.

Results in Numbers

L’équipe dévouée et efficace de Bridge Média propose des solutions adaptées aux besoins de l’organisation.

Leur support est précieux. Merci beaucoup à toute l’équipe !

Monia Boulais
Fondatrice/Experte-conseil en gestion des ressources humaines

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Project:

  1. Their initial website lacked optimization, limiting their online visibility.

  2. Their visual identity did not fully reflect the quality of their services.

  3. Tight deadlines, as everything needed to be in place before the start of their summer season, no later than the end of April.

  4. A very limited budget allocated to Google ads marketing.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media for the Website:

  1. A complete overhaul of the company's visual identity to give it a more modern, current, and dynamic look.

  2. The creation and integration of a new 5-page website. Thanks to our offering, even small businesses with a limited marketing budget can benefit from a professional website optimized for SEO and Google Ads advertising.

  3. An analysis of the most relevant keywords for the business.

  4. Preparation of an optimized architecture to provide a smooth user experience.

  5. Writing optimized content tailored to the services offered.

  6. SEO optimization of site parameters such as metadata, titles, URLs, or Alt-Text, for example.

  7. Quality control of technical SEO aspects after the launch to ensure the website operates optimally.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media for Google Ads:

  1. In-depth analysis of search terms and keywords conducted by our digital marketing strategist.

  2. Writing optimized ad headlines and text to best match user searches.

  3. Extensions added to ads for more effective results.

  4. Ads were launched for a period of 3 months.

  5. Careful and daily monitoring after the launch to ensure a functional and high-performing campaign. These checks also allow us to quickly make the necessary optimizations to achieve the expected conversions.

  6. *It is important to note that a new website typically takes a few months to reach its full potential. Therefore, our case study represents only an initial overview, based on the first month of the launch. The coming months will be crucial, but the preliminary results are already very encouraging.

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