Case study

Tree Pruning Services

Can one fill their season while keeping an average cost per conversion at $18? Bridge Media asserts affirmatively!


Bridge Media recently collaborated with a leading company in the tree pruning industry, which specializes in providing comprehensive services for both residential and commercial requirements. Renowned for its expertise, reliability, and environmental stewardship, this company distinguishes itself by its capacity to deliver bespoke solutions that cater to the unique needs of every client. From meticulous pruning to intricate vegetation management, the company employs advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to uphold the health and safety of trees and green spaces. They engaged our services to augment their seasonal outreach through Google Ads. Without a doubt, we can declare that it was a resounding success!

Results in numbers

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Project

One of the primary challenges we faced during this collaboration was navigating the seasonal nature of our client's business, which operates solely from March to November. This narrow operational window imposes an additional strain to optimize the effectiveness of every Google Ads campaign launched, with minimal space for experimentation and adjustments. The imperative of precise targeting and swift campaign optimization was paramount to capitalize fully on each season's potential, thereby magnifying the return on investment within a constrained time frame. In this setting, margin for error was non-existent, heightening the criticality of our mission for the business's success during its peak months of activity.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media

A number of actions and strategies have been put in place to achieve these results.

  1. Creating Campaign Architecture: We created a customized Google Ads campaign architecture to meet our client's specific needs in the tree pruning industry.

  2. Creation of Multiple Campaigns for Different Services : Our team set up several distinct campaigns, each dedicated to a particular service, such as pruning, trimming, cutting, arboriculture, and stump removal.

  3. Daily Monitoring and Optimizations : We've diligently overseen daily ad performance, facilitating swift adjustments for optimal outcomes. Through meticulous data scrutiny, we've fine-tuned bids, keywords, and ad content to maximize our client's return on investment.

Are you a seasonal entrepreneur? Worried that the challenges ahead might be too daunting to yield significant results? Don’t let discouragement take over! Reach out to us to explore opportunities together to fill your order book.

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