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Clinique Bé

Increasing Traffic by 30% in a Highly Regulated Industry, is it Possible? Bridge Media says Yes!


Clinique Bé is an aesthetic medicine clinic located in the heart of Beloeil, on the South Shore of Montreal. Founded by an experienced and passionate team, the clinic specializes in a wide range of services, from aesthetic injections to semi-permanent makeup, facials, and laser treatments. With an approach focused on achieving natural results while respecting individual proportions, Clinique Bé has quickly established itself as a major player in the field of aesthetic medicine in the region.

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Strategic Deployment

Challenge Related to the Mandate

The first major difficulty encountered in this mandate was the restrictions imposed by Google Ads due to certain terms used on the website of our client, Clinique Bé. These terms, although essential for accurately describing the products and services offered by the clinic, were deemed non-compliant by Google's advertising policy due to their association with aesthetics. However, these terms were at the core of the clinic's identity and business, so it was unthinkable to remove them from their website. To overcome this barrier, our team worked closely with Clinique Bé to design a new web page specifically tailored to the requirements of Google Ads while preserving the integrity and relevance of the terms associated with their services. This approach aimed to ensure full compliance with Google's advertising policies while enabling Clinique Bé to effectively promote its services on the advertising platform.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media:

To enhance the visibility and online impact of Clinique Bé, Bridge Media implemented a series of targeted strategies:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Optimization: Our team worked on optimizing the content of Clinique Bé's website to improve its ranking in organic search results, thereby increasing its online visibility.

  2. Creation of a New Web Page : Faced with the restrictions imposed by Google Ads, we developed a new web page specifically designed to meet advertising requirements while showcasing the clinic's products and services.

  3. Deployment of Google Ads Campaigns: We developed and implemented targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads to effectively promote Clinique Bé's services while considering significant sectoral constraints.

  4. Daily Performance Monitoring : To ensure optimal results, our team monitored Google Ads ads daily, adjusting strategies based on observed data and trends.

Thanks to these integrated strategic approaches, Clinique Bé was able to benefit from increased online visibility, increased traffic to its website, and enhanced engagement, all while respecting the specific constraints of its industry.

In conclusion, this case study highlights a fundamental reality: faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, collaboration with qualified professionals can turn the impossible into possible. Despite the obstacles encountered, including Google Ads’ strict restrictions on certain key terms, our team found innovative and tailored solutions to enable Clinique Bé to effectively promote its services online. This experience demonstrates that with the expertise and dedication required, no situation is truly impossible to overcome. By turning to our professionals, Clinique Bé has seen that the cleverest solutions can emerge, offering new perspectives for growth and success.

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