Case Studies


A 16,415% increase in organic traffic since 2015


MACUCINA is a custom kitchen cabinet company in Laval. The owner asked us to help him get the word out in Quebec. He targets a high-end clientele, so he prefers to avoid discount hunters.

We then suggested that they work on their organic positioning to appear naturally in Google results in addition to a strategy on social networks to develop their brand image.

Since 2015, we have been working on adding relevant content to the website, blog posts, videos, link acquisition, partners and more. We’ve developed content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Google My Business and LinkedIn social media. All of this has helped generate leads via Facebook with some Google Ads.

With the owner being very busy, our team took care of all the digital marketing with a fixed monthly budget. This budget had to be used effectively by being spread out among social media, website optimization, Google Ads and other events and activities. We also worked on contests, newsletters, online design services and much more. Over the years, all of these initiatives have increased Macucina’s organic positioning and social media awareness.

Results in numbers

What a dedicated, professional, efficient and effective team.

I am totally satisfied with their service. A special thank you to Andréanne Lafleur on behalf of the Macucina team."
Stéphane Mackarous

A strategic deployment

Mandate Challenges:

- Increase organic traffic to the website within an overall digital marketing budget
- Attract a high-end clientele
- Create a trusted brand identity on social networks

Strategies deployed by Bridge Media:

- Optimize the website for SEO
- Write blog posts every month
- Create videos for social networks and website
- Continuously improve and optimize the website and its content
- Acquire links that point to the website
- Work on partnerships with suppliers, publications and influencers
- Deploying a content strategy on social networks
- Deploy a digital marketing strategy on social networks and Google Ads

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