Case study


Obtaining Qualified Leads with a Custom Google Ads Strategy


Alex Maçonnerie Inc. specializes in masonry restoration in Montreal. The testimonials speak for themselves: the Alex Maçonnerie team works with care and efficiency, providing exceptional service.

As is the case for any construction business, summer is the busiest period for masonry projects. Alex Maçonnerie was looking to attract more high-quality prospects for this season.


In 2022, the company had used Google ads to generate leads. However, these leads were of low quality, making it difficult for Alex Maçonnerie to convert them into actual customers.

As a certified Google Ads agency, we were confident that our experts could help Alex Maçonnerie attract qualified prospects through Google ads. This meant they would only pay for concrete service requests. We simply needed a robust strategy, and we were confident in our ability to implement it.

Indeed, the results speak for themselves: in 2023, Alex Maçonnerie saw a 45% increase in conversions compared to 2022! Our strategy? Refining the audience by narrowing the scope, thus limiting ad delivery to prospects located within its service area seeking a masonry restoration contractor. These qualified prospects significantly improved Alex Maçonnerie’s chances of closing sales for its services and delivering a successful summer season!

Results in numbers

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Project

  1. The company is located in a highly competitive geographical area, resulting in increased costs per click.

  2. They had an urgent need for qualified leads to meet the demand of their season and support their growing team.

Our Strategy

  1. A complete restructuring of the Google Ads account was undertaken to maximize its potential, both at the account and campaign levels.

  2. Conversion tracking was adjusted to track only real contacts with our client, namely calls and contact form submissions.

  3. Audiences and keywords were refined to allow Alex Maçonnerie's ads to be more targeted and precise.

  4. Ads were customized to better match the searches and needs of users.

  5. A custom and adjustable bidding strategy was developed to capitalize on the best conversion opportunities for our client.

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