Case study


Revitalizing GSP Entretien: 13 Keywords in Google's Top 10 and a 73% Surge in Google Ads Clicks with a High-Performing Website


In the competitive market of commercial cleaning in Montreal and the South Shore, GSP Entretien has established itself as a key player for over 15 years.


Over the years, GSP Entretien has successfully built a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of commercial cleaning services, emphasizing its core values: quality, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction.


However, like any business striving for sustainability, GSP Entretien has had to make strategic choices to maintain its position in this competitive market. It quickly understood that to continue to grow and stand out in the demanding sector of commercial cleaning, they needed to refocus on this specialization.


Thus, the Bridge Media team developed a digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting more commercial clients to GSP Entretien while consolidating their specialization and unmatched quality of service.


We proposed to GSP Entretien one of our web solutions, allowing businesses, even with a limited budget, to have a professional website optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and high-performing Google ads, all at very minimal costs.

Results in Numbers:

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Project:

  1. Their initial website lacked optimization, hindering their online visibility.

  2. The initial website still focused heavily on residential cleaning, despite GSP Entretien no longer offering this service.

  3. Due to a limited advertising budget for Google ads, we had to maximize the structure and content of these ads.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media:

  1. The complete redesign of the website, featuring a professional design, significantly enhanced the company's online credibility.

  2. A specialized SEO strategy tailored to GSP Entretien's sector was implemented across the entire website, greatly improving its organic search ranking.

  3. We developed a custom Google Ads strategy, considering the client's budget and needs, and implemented a rigorous optimization program to maximize ad performance for the best possible results.

* It’s essential to note that a new website typically takes several months to reach its full potential. Therefore, our case study provides only an initial overview based on the first months of its launch. The coming months are crucial, but the preliminary results are already very promising.

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