Case study


Slogan Creation and Deployment of a Holiday Recruitment Campaign for Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a global leader in gases, technologies, and services for industry and healthcare. Present in 75 countries with 66,400 employees, the Group serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients.
Results in Numbers

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Campaign Assignment:

  1. The Timeframe: During the holiday season, results can often be mixed. Many people take the opportunity to set aside their phones and take a break from social media to rest and spend time with family.

  2. Highly Technical Position: Searching for candidates with specific technical skills through Facebook advertisements can be challenging. The platform imposes many restrictions on job offer ads. Therefore, we adapted our strategy to obtain high-quality prospects for our client.

Strategy Deployed by Bridge Media:

  1. Implementation of a prospecting campaign on Facebook.

  2. Creation of a customized form to filter potential prospects before they even apply (a person who answers "no" to all qualification questions is less likely to apply).

  3. Crafting dynamic, catchy, and tailored text to attract the desired candidate profiles.

  4. A two-week phased campaign with daily monitoring and adjustments as needed to optimize results.

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