Case study


Toiture RMS: 330 Prospects in 2022 Through Google Advertising


Founded more than 30 years ago, Toiture RMS specializes in the renovation, repair, and snow removal of residential, commercial, and industrial roofs.

For all matters related to roof renovation and repair, the company prepares for its work season as soon as the snow melts. This period begins in spring and ends in late autumn. It is an important time of year for this business because it is when they seek to secure enough contracts to fill the weeks of work until the weather no longer allows work on the roofs.

Toiture RMS, therefore, sought the services of Bridge Media to assist them during this crucial period.

Results in Numbers

These numbers once again demonstrate that Bridge Media successfully generated interest for its client by adapting to their needs and context. In terms of volume, this interest translated into quotation requests and ultimately, new contracts. A relatively low investment that pays off big!

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Mandate

  1. Reaching a high-quality audience for roof refurbishment or repair.

  2. Working with a limited investment budget.

Strategies deployed by Bridge Media

  1. Considering the goal of obtaining a maximum number of contracts while minimizing investments, we opted for a Google Ads campaign.

  2. We also staggered the investments according to the season, which stretches from March to October, including a strong start.

Bridge Media now offers a formula specially designed for seasonal businesses. Whether you’re in the pool, hedge trimming, landscaping, or any other seasonal industry, the Bridge Media team can help you maximize your investments for a profitable season!

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