Case study


Tripling Monthly Real Conversions with a Tailored Google Ads Strategy


EBI Environnement is a company specializing in waste management. As a leader in this sector, EBI offers a diverse range of services, including equipment rental, environmental services, and specialized services. Each of these business areas encompasses several specific sub-domains.

In 2022, the company decided to use Google ads to boost demand for its services. However, their return on investment was low, leading them to terminate their Google Ads campaigns.

However, in 2023, EBI sought the expertise of the professionals at Bridge Media to develop a new Google Ads campaign strategy. The goal was to double the monthly real conversions while maintaining the same advertising budget and promoting the same services.

As a certified Google Ads agency, we analyzed trends and implemented a new strategy. Our work not only allowed EBI to double its monthly real conversions but to triple them, all while keeping the same advertising budget as before! These conversions represent tangible interactions with EBI, whether through submitted contact forms or phone calls lasting at least 30 seconds.

Results in Numbers:

"A highly professional team attentive to our needs! Availability and transparency, they offer us a solution tailored to our needs!"

Marie-Ève Lapointe
Digital Strategy and Communications Advisor

Strategic Deployment

Challenges Related to the Campaign Assignment:

  1. EBI operates in a specialized industry.

  2. Many services needed to be highlighted.

  3. The advertising budget for the ads had to remain unchanged.

Strategies Deployed by Bridge Media:

  1. A complete restructuring of the existing Google Ads account was carried out to optimize both the account and campaigns to their maximum potential.

  2. The second concept featured actual photos of EBI employees at their workstations. The aim was to show teams in action to visualize work environments and bring an authentic feel to future communication campaigns.

  3. A brand campaign was added, allowing EBI's Google ads to appear when users search for the company's name. This new campaign generates approximately half of the monthly real conversions.

  4. Our team developed and implemented a custom and adjustable bidding strategy to seize the best conversion opportunities for our client.

  5. We refined audiences, keywords, and adapted the ads accordingly.

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