Google Ads: appear quickly on the Google search engine

Did you know that over 81% of people do their research for a product or service online? Moreover, about 92% of searches are done on the Google search engine. Bridge Media uses several tactics to maximize your investment. Our experts are certified in all types of advertising on Google Ads: the Search Network, the Display Network, Shopping Ads and Google Ads for video advertising.

An understanding of your business needs for effective campaigns

Understanding your industry, your services and products, the geography you serve, your target audience, your competitive advantages and more is critical to successfully generating results for your business.

This allows us to create customized digital marketing campaigns to generate the best possible results at the lowest cost.

We constantly optimize your marketing campaigns to bring you to a point where you’re satisfied with the results for the budget invested.


Google Ads for advertising on the Search Network

Need to increase your sales quickly? Google's search engine is a great place to consider advertising. Your ads are displayed in text format directly in Google's sponsored results for search terms related to your services and products. Your ads can even appear in the top results of Google Maps for keywords with city names, such as "Laval  kitchen cabinet". However, it’s always important to perform a keyword and cost analysis beforehand to establish the feasibility and strategy to adopt, because in some industries the competition is strong and can make it too expensive to compete.


Google Ads for advertising on the Display Network

Displaying this type of ads in image or video form can be found on millions of Google affiliated websites. We determine the best locations for your visibility based on your competition, keywords, target audience, interests, age, gender, and more. The cost per display ad is lower than search ads and can drive a high volume of traffic to your website. It's an ideal way to get a low-cost brand identity in front of the right target audience just like a billboard on the side of the highway, but even more precise in its targeting.


Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are intended for online businesses. They’re displayed in image format among several other merchants selling the same types of products. The click-through rate on this type of ad is very interesting and can generate many sales if your prices are competitive within your industry. Bridge Media can help you display all your products on Google, while advising you on the best practices to get sales.

This type of advertising is excellent for businesses or manufacturers that sell products that are not found on popular sites like Amazon, or whose prices are lower or very competitive, and whose products make enough profit margin.


Google Ads for video advertising

YouTube, a product of Google, still dominates the world of video platforms. Millions of people search and watch information every day. There is a very large and diverse audience and content on all topics. It’s an ideal platform to showcase your business through advertising in video format.

We target very specific audiences by geography, demographics, keywords, interests and we target your website visitors and your competitors' websites. In addition, it’s possible to manually choose videos or YouTube channels that you want to promote your videos on.

Reliable. Creative. Efficient.


What we do:

Strategic planning

Create or optimization of an advertising account

Configure and program campaigns

Implement conversion tracking (sales)

Plan advertising audiences

Monthly management and optimization

Performance analysis

Reports and recommendations

Program Google Merchant Center for online business

Write and translate advertising content

Graphic design, photography, video

Landing page optimization/design

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our friendly faces.

Case Studies

Bridge Media recently collaborated with a leading company in the tree pruning industry, which specializes in providing comprehensive services for both residential and commercial requirements.
Clinique Bé is an aesthetic medicine clinic located in the heart of Beloeil, on the South Shore of Montreal. Founded by an experienced and passionate
As breeders of purebred Sheep and Rams since 2013, their farm, located in L’Assomption in Lanaudière, offers high-quality products, free from hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics.

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