High Performance Website Optimization - Improve SEO and ROI

Before you begin the marketing activities that will bring visitors to your website, it’s best to ensure that the site is optimized to maximize return on investment (ROI). If you bring 1,000 new visitors to your website, but it’s not user-friendly, you’ll have succeeded in looking bad in front of 1,000 potential customers. The equivalent of paying for a TV commercial and managing to attract customers to your business without having cleaned and tidied up the premises before their arrival!

How can you ensure that everything is in place to attract the customers who will visit your website? Our experts keep up with the latest trends in user experience (UX) and will advise you on the best practices to adopt. This is what we call conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Doing everything we can to make customers happy

Our goal is to create the best possible experience on your website so that customers will naturally trust you and want to buy your products and services. Website effectiveness is measured by your business objectives, whether it’s the number of purchases made on an e-commerce website, the number of forms filled out by qualified leads, or the number of leads generated for your business.


Getting the right picture

The first step is to get an accurate picture of your "digital assets". This refers to all of your web properties and includes your website, Facebook page, Google Ad accounts, newsletters, etc. Our digital diagnostics allow you to clearly see your strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities at hand. Then, we develop a strategy with a digital marketing plan that provides the direction to seize opportunities and get a better return on investment.


Optimize website for conversions

Based on the priorities identified in the plan, our team makes the desired improvements to your website to optimize conversions (CRO). In many cases, we’ll need to rework certain pages of the website to increase the relevance of the text. We may add sales pages, pages that better describe your products and services or a blog to communicate more regularly with your customers. We’re also working to improve the mobile experience for visitors on phones and tablets.

Some technical improvements are also common, such as securing the website with an SSL certificate (HTTPS protocol), optimizing images to reduce their loading time and setting up redirects when the structure of the website addresses (URLs) changes. You don't have to worry as all the important technical elements will have been checked and the gaps will be identified in the analysis.


Analysis of results and ongoing improvements

If you've signed up for a digital visibility program (e.g., Facebook or Google Ads) with our company, our team will regularly check the conversion rate of digital campaigns. You'll be kept informed of how effective your website is in achieving your goal, whether it's generating sales or leads. We'll also share our recommendations, as needed, to continue optimizing your website for conversions.

Reliable. Creative. Efficient.


What we do

Traffic analysis to identify the most important pages

Review, optimization and content additions

Translate website into other languages

Add text to images for better ranking on Google

Optimize images to reduce loading time

Adjustments to programming

Website security (HTTPS protocol)

Page caches to reduce loading time


Track visitor activity on the website and heatmaps

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our friendly faces.

Case Studies

Bridge Media recently collaborated with a leading company in the tree pruning industry, which specializes in providing comprehensive services for both residential and commercial requirements.
Clinique Bé is an aesthetic medicine clinic located in the heart of Beloeil, on the South Shore of Montreal. Founded by an experienced and passionate
As breeders of purebred Sheep and Rams since 2013, their farm, located in L’Assomption in Lanaudière, offers high-quality products, free from hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics.

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