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The Benefits of Google Analytics 4 for Your Business

Welcome to the captivating world of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), where the magic of data meets the power of digital strategy!

Google Analytics 4 can be a true asset in your digital arsenal. It’s no wonder that Google Analytics is used by over 55% of websites worldwide.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of Google Analytics 4 compared to its predecessor, Universal Analytics.

We will also delve into how this advanced platform can enhance your strategy by providing valuable insights for your business.
Harvesting this information will not only enable you to make informed decisions but also identify growth opportunities for your company.

Differences between Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics has been a faithful companion, providing valuable data on their audience, behavior, and much more.

However, it’s time to transition to Google Analytics 4 with its new features and a more advanced approach to analysis.

It is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of visitor behavior on your site across various screen types (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.).

Therefore, it can provide you with deeper insights into what your visitors are looking for and what matters most to them, for example, from their mobile phones.

One of the main differences between the two versions lies in their data collection model.

Google Analytics 4 uses an event-based model rather than a page-based. This means it can track user actions on a site more precisely.

On the other hand, Google Analytics Universal primarily focuses on tracking visited pages.

Furthermore, GA4 is designed to provide an overview of activities across multiple platforms simultaneously (website, mobile app, and other channels), while GAU focused solely on website activities.

In terms of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), Google Analytics 4 offers:

  • A redesigned and refreshed interface
  • More intuitive navigation and user-friendly dashboards
  • New data visualizations
  • Enhanced customization options
  • Improved accessibility to information

In summary, with Google Analytics 4, you delve into the details and explore finer dimensions to better understand user behavior and the performance of your website.

The Benefits of Implementing Google Analytics 4 in Your Digital Strategy

So, what are the benefits of implementing Google Analytics 4? There are several:

  1. Comprehensive multi-platform view
  2. More accurate reports
  3. Free connection to BigQuery
  4. Unlimited data quantity
  5. Automatic event tracking
  6. Purchase path tracking

A Comprehensive Overview Thanks to Multi-Platform and Multi-device Tracking

Forget the days when you had to juggle different properties to track data from your website and mobile apps. With Google Analytics 4, everything is consolidated in one place. Now, your business can easily track users across all devices and platforms.

Ultra-Precise Reports on Your Users and Their Behavior

The GA4 property’s reporting view reveals the exact number of unique users across all platforms.

More specifically, this will allow you to know which blog articles, videos, or products generate the most interest among your audience.

This way, you can better target your efforts and provide an even more engaging experience to your visitors.

Google Analytics 4 Reports View - Bridge Media

Free Connection to BigQuery

Harness the full potential of BigQuery, Google’s powerful data warehouse, through the available connection with GA4.

You can now transfer your Google Analytics data to BigQuery and take advantage of advanced search and analysis features.

This is an invaluable opportunity to uncover valuable insights to optimize your data-driven strategies.

Unlimited Data Quantity

Forget about barriers and constraints related to data volume with Google Analytics 4. You can now collect and leverage an unlimited amount of data without worrying about limits.

Let your imagination and curiosity guide you in exploring your deepest insights while enjoying limitless freedom.

However, it’s important to note that there are certain limitations regarding the quantity of unique events one can use. There is also a limit on the length of string values.

Automatic Tracking Across Multiple Events

Let Google Analytics 4 take the lead with its automatic tracking for the following events:

  • Interactions with the website when a visitor uses a login identifier or session number (session_start)
  • Page activity lasting one second or more (user_engagement)
  • A user’s first visit to your website (first_visit)
Google Analytics 4 Events View - Bridge Media

GA4 also offers enhanced measurements, allowing you to bid farewell to the hassle of tracking specific events. Google Analytics 4 makes it easier for you by automatically tracking actions such as:

  • Page views
  • Scrolling
  • Videos
  • Outbound clicks to external sites
  • Searches on your site

It’s a welcome boost that allows you to focus on the essentials while GA4 takes care of the rest behind the scenes.

Explore the Complete Purchase Journey of Your Customers

With GA4, track the complete purchase journey of your customers across all platforms. With this multi-platform information, you will have a better understanding of their buying journey and can provide them with an optimal user experience.

You will know exactly the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across all platforms.

Using Google Analytics 4 to Identify Business Growth Opportunities

With Google Analytics 4, you can dive into the depths of your data to uncover the best-kept secrets of your audience and performance.

You’ll discover which pages are the most visited, the most effective acquisition channels, and even the trends hiding behind your visitors’ clicks.

Thanks to its intelligent algorithms, it will provide valuable insights into the future behaviors of your users.

These insights will reveal emerging trends, opportunities to seize, and even actions to take to maximize your results.

Google Analytics 4 is the essential tool to propel your business to new heights in the world of digital marketing.

With its advanced features, such as multi-platform tracking, precise user reports, and free connection to BigQuery, you’ll have a comprehensive and in-depth view of your data.

No more limits on data volume, no more hassle of tracking specific events… in short, it’s now possible to dive into the complexity of data with simplicity using GA4!

Give your business a competitive edge by entrusting the analysis of your marketing activities to the expert team at Bridge Media. Contact us now – success is just a click away!


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